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    Not all closets are created equal. Throughout your home, you undoubtedly have several types of closets: walk­in, reach­in, utility, easily ­accessible and why-­is­-this-­even-­here?(under stairs or sloping roof attic). Closet space is valuable in any home and, generally, no one believes they have enough.

    If you’re feeling the pinch of insufficient closet space, Tailored Living’s designers can help you maximize closet storage space throughout your home with custom closet systems. Whether in the bedroom, family room or entry way, we guarantee you have more space than you realize with our custom storage solutions! Here’s a hint: would vertical storage capture unused space in any of your closets? We can help you unclutter and organize for more efficient, stress ­free livin with custom closet systems.

  • Ultimate Walk-in Closet Designs

  • A walk in closet without an organizational storage system can be a chaotic nightmare. Unplanned space is always underutilized space. By installing a custom closet design, you’ll be able to utilize all the space for maximum function and beauty.

    Custom closet cabinets with open or closed shelving and drawers provide a lot of extra storage space for shoes, folded clothes and accessories. Specialty items such as tie racks, valet rods, pull-out baskets, hampers and jewelry drawers can be incorporated to customize your closet design down to the last detail! Your Tailored Living designer can help you design the ultimate closet in the style, finish and color to truly make it your own.

  • Fully Functional Reach-in Closet Systems

  • A reach-in closet is one long rod with inaccessible corners at each end, right? Not necessarily. A custom closet system of tiered rods, cabinets with drawers, and stackable storage can maximize every inch of the closet, making everything easily accessible and attractive.

    As one of the top custom closet design companies, your Tailored Living designer can help you design the perfect organized closet system for a child, teen—or anyone--with special touches to personalize the space and capture those awkward corners as valuable storage. With a variety of finishes, colors and hardware, you can go as simple, elegant or funky as you wish, but always with maximum functionality the goal.

  • See Your Space in 3D

  • D'Vinci Takes the Guesswork Out of Your Design! 

    During your in-home consultation, your local designer will use D'Vinci, our proprietary 3D design software. In real time you’ll see your design come to life, modifications will be made instantly, and colors and finishes will be switched until it’s just right.

    To experience the magic of D'Vinci, drag the orange triangle to view a photo-realistic 3D rendering and final installation image for comparison. You’ll truly love what you see!

  • Get Started Today with a Free In-Home Consultation

  • Accessories allow you to personalize your closet in endless ways. From hardware styles and finishes to spiral shoe racks and velvet-lined jewelry drawers the only limit is your imagination. Accessories include mirrors, glass door inserts, integrated lighting, tie and belt racks, valet rods, pull-out and tilt-out baskets, bins and hampers, drawer organizers, shelf dividers, integrated ironing boards, cedar lining, pants racks, shoe racks and more. Whatever you need stored in your closet, we have a solution that will work!

    Our standard laminates come in 14 color finishes: White, Antique White, Secret, Caramel Apple, Wild Apple, Chocolate Apple, Cocoa, Mahogany, Concrete, Licorice, Arctic, Twilight Linea, Acorn Linea and Folkstone Gray. Italia comes in seven luxurious finishes: Antique White, Secret, Caramel Apple, Wild Apple, Chocolate Apple, Cocoa and Mahogany. Real wood stains are available in various colors; consult your local designer.

    Tailored Living’s six standard design styles can accommodate fancy to fanciful or rustic to romantic. Traditional and Victorian styles have raised-panel design details to fancy dress any closet. Contemporary and Modern styles present clean, sleek lines, with smooth surfaces and minimal detail. Craftsman and Italia styles strike a balance between the two, with artisan-inspired, clean-line details. 

    Let your Tailored Living designer help you select the style that speaks to you, either by matching your existing décor or inventing a stylized space just for you.

    Design options include floor-based or wall-hung systems with numerous finishes, styles and hardware choices, allowing you to customize your closet for your own distinctive style. Traditional laminates, real wood stains and the luxurious Italia finishes provide endless possibilities to accommodate any budget.

    • Floor-Standing Units

      Many home organization companies offer either wall-mounted or floor-standing designs. Tailored Living offers both options to ensure we can meet your every need. Floor-standing units sit on the floor and offer superb stability. The wide range of design options includes adjustable shelving, tilt- and pull-outs, baskets, closet rods, cabinets and other accessories. Floor-standing units can have decorative molding at top and bottom for an ultra-chic look.

    • Wall-Mounted Units

      Wall-mounted units are secured to steel rails attached to the wall. Vertical panels provide stability for the shelves, drawers, closet rods or baskets to be attached. These units are especially useful in smaller spaces or when there are issues like baseboards you don’t want removed, heating vents or electrical outlets along the base of the wall, hard wood floors you don’t want impacted, sloping floors or irregular walls. 12-inch clearance above the floor makes vacuuming easy and also allows for shoes or other small items storage underneath. 

    • Finishes

      Choose between traditional laminates, rich wood stains and luxurious Italia glaze finishes.

    • Hardware Styles

      Three standard decorative hardware finishes for closet rods, drawer handles and accessories are: Polished Chrome, Matte Nickel and Oil Brushed Bronze. Additional styles are available through special order, just ask your organization specialist.

    • Framed Glass Cabinet Doors

      Cabinet doors can be customized with glass insets such as clear, frosted or textured glass.  This allows display of what’s inside with the added protection of enclosed storage.

    • Integrated Lighting

      Integrated lighting includes LED track, LED Puck or Ribbon LED style lights so you can illuminate inside cabinets, highlight shelves and brighten dark corners so you can easily find what you want.

    • Decorative Molding

      Decorative molding is the finishing touch to any closet design. Choose from various styles of base molding, top mount crown molding, face mount crown molding and vertical trim moldings to beautifully personalize your space.

    • Impeccable Quality and Design 

      With Tailored Living, you’re assured of getting the highest quality storage solutions for closets, garages, pantries, entry ways, home offices and more. Our designers and installers are trained professionals who take pride in giving you the best service possible from exacting measurement and creative design to final installation and clean up. With D’Vinci, our proprietary 3D design software, you can see what your rooms will look like, including color, so there are no surprises. Don’t take chances with your home, Tailored Living professionals will turn your dreams into reality with exquisite design that’s built to last.

  • What Our Customers Say

    "When my husband told me I could build my dream closet, I was elated! When I discovered my budget, I was sad. I called Tailored Living…she listened to exactly what I wanted [and] gave me ideas of how to save money. My closet is everything I ever dreamed. Cannot recommend this company enough!"

    Becky, Irvine, CA

    “My wife and I are owners of a new home and Tailored Living did closets throughout the house. They met our specific wishes and unique storage needs. We could not be more pleased with the product and service. Everything looks great, is very solid and a significant value add to our new home”.

    Brian, Arlington, VA

    “I can’t be happier with the results! The designer was accommodating and patient; we emailed back and forth with different ideas how we could make my closet even better. They installed my closet in one day and did an amazing job. You won’t find a better quality closet or service than Tailored Living.”

    Annie, Orange, CA

    “We had our son's closet organized and we love it! The space in the closet was maximized to the fullest. We were able to get three layers for hanging clothes plus a ton of shelves and drawers. We were very impressed!”

    Becky, Ontario, Canada
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